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Living Water Ministries Liberia was founded by missionaries Russ and Wendy Tatro in 1997. The original name of the ministry was Living Water Teaching. The vision and purpose of the ministry was implemented through the Monrovia Bible Training Center and its extension schools throughout Liberia. 

From its inception the ministry has helped train tens of thousands of Christian workers who presently serve in different areas of Liberia and around the world. Discipleship through hands on training has formed a very important aspect of the ministry. The vision for indigenous and cross cultural missions has also served as a cornerstone for raising many African missionaries.

The ministry and its flagship school, the Monrovia Bible Training Center has been led by a succession of graduates who now serve as missionaries and pastors. The founding director was Bro. Russ Tatro followed in line of succession by Bro. Hal Rahman, Bro. Moses Foyah, Bro, Alec Peabody, and Bro. Ralph Jimmeh. The ministry is presently overseen by Bro. Moses Foyah. 

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